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The Bauxite Residue Valorisation and Best Practices conference was reviewed as an informative and worthwhile event! It succeeded in bringing together academia and industry from around the world in an open dialogue, under one roof to discuss the latest innovations as well as develop possible strategies and new collaborations for a more sustainable way of using our resources.
The event had a diverse and dynamic panel of speakers, who provided in-depth insight, as well as, methods and mechanisms that have worked on different types of bauxite residue of different countries.
Renowned industry professionals graced the event in numbers and made the sessions both productive and pleasant with their enthusiasm and positive spirit.


With KU Leuven as organiser, EU MSCA-ETN REDMUD as co-organiser and Dr. Yiannis Pontikes as Chairman, the event succeeded in bringing a total of 47 presentations, of which 3 keynote lectures, 29 Oral presentations, and 15 poster presentations were presented for the 135 participants from 27 countries around the world.
The World Aluminium and Centre for Resource Recovery and Recycling sponsored BR2015. The conference was supported by leading industry bodies TMS and European Aluminium Association. ICSOBA and AlCircle were the privileged media partners.

An award was granted by the Scientific Committee, based on the delegates’ evaluation, to the presentation considered as one of the most promising routes to explore for bauxite residue management. This award went to Tobias Hertel (researcher in the MSCA-ETN REDMUD project) for his presentation titled: “A proposal for a 100% use of bauxite residue: the process, results on the novel Fe- rich binder and how this can take place within the alumina refinery”.
The Panel Discussion session was the cherry on top, which at the end analysed, structured, directed and set out the ideas and material presented throughout the event, to head towards an even more rewarding and informative BR2018!